Your writings deserve it!


Who are we?

Wildesignn is an agency specialized in the document’s creation, correction, translation as: Letters, resumes, contracts, reports etc. and training. Concerned to provide you with a quality work with an irreproachable spelling, Wildesignn meets your hopes considering your requirements so do not wait, entrust us with your project!

Our business

A neat service

Wildesignn offers a range of services according to your needs.

A tailor-made service

Wildesignn is aimed at individuals and businesses, taking into account expectations.

Attractive rates

Wildesignn adapts to your budget to offer you a qualitative service.

Our services

Wildesignn creates and upgrades all your documents as:
- Resume
- Cover letter
- Bill
- Contract etc.
Whatever your request for your writings we are here to make your life more relax!

How to submit your project:

Simply fill out the form by mentioning your first and last names, your email address and the service requested in a few words or in detail. Once your request is received, we will give you the price of the service and treat it quickly.

What are the performances?

Training and document’s creation, correction, translation (letter, cv, contract, convention, planning, press kit, report, booklet, survey, rules of procedure, invoice, banner, illustration chain, thumbnail, publication, story, logo, poster, flyer, newsletter, menu and recipe, label, announcement, calendar, postcard, book cover, CD cover, comic book, summary, bookmark) etc.

What are the price conditions?

The rates of creation, correction, modification and translation depend on the content and the delay. For word processing of several pages, we charge per 2,500 words and all prices, including training, are available on request.

What are the delivery deadline?

Everything depends on the order: a translation of ten pages or twenty thousand words is not comparable to that of a single page. The delay varies according to the corrections, the modifications if necessary, etc. We work for a specific purpose: your satisfaction and you are informed of the initial delay when ordering.

Would you like more information?

Just go to the contact page and submit your request for information; you can also send us an email at contact@wildesignn.fr and we will be happy to answer you.

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